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How many calories are in a hardpops freezie

Only 70 calories. Have a few!

Are hardpops gluten free?

You bet! They're also dairy free, vegan, and not too sweet.

How much sugar is in a hardpop?

Not much! About six and a half grams per freezie. Also, our pops are colored and flavored naturally. No compromises.

What kind of alcohol do you use?

Wine! Well, sort of. Hardpops are made boozy using OTSOW (also known as Other Than Standard Orange Wine). Made from oranges, OTSOW's scent and taste resembles a neutral spirit, like vodka, without being a hard alcohol. We know, our first thought was "huh??" too. But trust us, there's a reason we went OTSOW 🍊😉 *Our Canadian product is made with vodka, and is 7% abv.

Who makes hardpops?

We do! 🙋🏼‍♀️👩🏻‍💻 Hardpops is a female-powered operation, making super tasty boozy freezies since 2018.

How boozy is one hardpop?

At 7.5% alc/vol, a couple of pops equals one cocktail. * Our Canadian product is 7% abv.