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How many calories are in a hardpops freezie

Only 60 calories. Have a few!

Are hardpops gluten free?

You bet! They're also dairy free, vegan, and not too sweet.

How much sugar is in a hardpop?

About 8 grams per pop. Hardpops aren't too sweet, FYI. They lean on the refreshing side, just in case that's why you're asking!

What kind of alcohol do you use?

Wine! Wine made from oranges, to be exact 🍊 This magical vino isn't comparable to the reds and whites you're familiar with. OTSOW has almost no taste or smell, similar to a neutral spirit like vodka. That's why we picked it. Because it's a little quirky and mysterious, but also because it does a damn fine job of making our pops boozy.

Who makes hardpops?

We do! 🙋🏼‍♀️👩🏻‍💻 Hardpops is a female-powered operation, making super tasty boozy freezies since 2017.

How boozy is one hardpop?

At 6.9% alc/vol. A couple of pops is like drinking one cocktail.