this is our story.

hey! 👋 ever wonder how hardpops came to be? okay, but now you're curious...

we'll tell you anyway. we've been making boozy ice pops since the idea struck us one hot summer night in 2019

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it started as a

nostalgic craving

for ice pops,

but not like the corner store pops from back in the day. you know the ones, they dyed your tongue some blasphemous shade of blue. (which was actually kind of fun at the time? anyway. we're past that). so, we got to thinking:

what if we made a grown up version? instead of artificial dyes, flavours, and coma-inducing levels of sugar, our pops would be all natural, not too sweet (but just sweet enough),  and most important, *cue the drum roll please*  

they'd be boozy. et voila, hardpops was born!


we bought this

little machine,

and got to


grapefruit splotch.png

this is us.

hi! 👋 we're the "we" behind hardpops. 

for two years, we've been designing, creating, experimenting,

and refining our pops to (what we think of as) perfection.

want to see how it's done? scroll down a little further.

we made a cool little video to show you

how the magic happens.

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it's a hardpops life.

seriously though.

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hey, thanks

for reading this far.